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Top 5 Wedding Photographers in Asheville, NC

Finding a reputable wedding photographer is not an easy task as you want the most experienced one you can find, that has a glowing amount of positive reviews.

Well, the thing is, most photographers end up with 5+ star reviews only so that doesn’t make your selection process any easier so we did the research for you instead so that you can bother about the wedding cake instead!

Briana Autran Photography

Briana Autran PhotographyBriana loves to travel around the world and besides weddings, she’s specialized in portrait photography as well. She gets her inspiration from her subjects and lives in Asheville so perhaps you know her already.

Based on her own words she’s a storyteller in pictures, I don’t know if she has any writing experience as well. If so you could even ask her to write a wedding journey.

Her most popular package is priced at $3,400 and with 18+ 5-star reviews, you can’t go wrong with her so perhaps you might want to give her a call.

Blue Bend Photography

Blue Bend PhotographyNick has been in the business of photographing weddings for as long as I know and as he lives in Asheville as well he has a reputation to uphold.

If needed, they know how to make you smile or get you to look exactly the way he wants to capture those unique moments. No stiff or unnatural poses when you deal with him or one of the other three photographers that operate under the same name.

His most popular package is affordably priced at $2,600. Thanks to that more reasonable price he has been able to acquire 42 reviews at Wedding Wire, each of them rated with 5-stars so what more do you want?

Foxhouse Studio

To quote them: “Adventure Elopement and Intimate Wedding Photographer”, and that’s not a word said too much. They go way and beyond just taking photos. Their goal is that you look back at your wedding to re-experience the happiness you felt that very day.

They are active in both Asheville and Charlotte and probably you can get them to travel to any location you want.

As I said before, most wedding photographers have a healthy amount of 5-star reviews and Foxhouse is no exception to that.

Julia Lindholm Photos

Julia Lindholm PhotosWe decided to throw in a less-known wedding photographer as well after all everyone deserves a fair chance.

Besides photographing weddings she does portraits and has a strong affection for animals, especially puppies and ponies. I bet she got her own pony somewhere.

Although her portfolio isn’t all that impressive yet you might be able to score a solid discount deal if you get in touch with her so why not give it a shot?

Crystal Anderson Photography

Crystal Anderson PhotographyThis list wouldn’t be completed if we failed to include Mrs. Anderson. She’s been in the business of wedding photography for the past fifteen years and knows how intimate these days are, and loves to record those emotions.

You will hardly notice she’s there, this is done on purpose to not interfere with the emotions people feel. Later on, when you watch yourself back on those photos you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Crystal has received a healthy dose of feedback scattered throughout the web and can work with any budget you throw at her. Obviously within reason.

Top 5 Wedding Singers in North Carolina

A wedding isn’t complete without a great party afterward and no party is complete without a DJ or wedding singer that can sweep the place up.

Therefore we took a look at some of the most popular wedding singers right around the corner in the artistic city of Asheville.

The Rat Pack – Frank, Sammy & Dean

The Rat Pack - Frank, Sammy & DeanI can’t blame them for lacking a bunch of reviews as they are listed on a relatively new site that does an awesome job at listing some great musicians.

If you want a great trio that produces enjoyable music with a fine twist of humor this one should be on top of your list, and so it is in ours.

They bring their band as well making this one unforgettable experience.

Kate Hurley Music

Kate Hurley MusicKate definitely loves a party and is ambiguous as one can be. Not only does she sing, but she’s also capable of playing multiple instruments like the piano, guitar, mandolin, and even a flute. How so all-round!

I forgot to include the hammered dulcimer as I have no freaking idea what that is but apparently, she can do both that while hitting the piano strings as well. Kudos for that, I guess.

If you have a story to tell your guests she can even turn it into a song. Now that would make for one unforgettable experience, I guarantee you that.

Josh ‘Elvish’ Rush

Although his name inclines otherwise he ain’t gonna rush it at your wedding.

His impersonation of Presley is one of the best I’ve ever witnessed, and the 20 years of experience brings some good faith in that. If you’re more of a Johnny Cash fan he can do that just as easily or mix it both up with a break in between.

He is the first one on our list that received five glowing reviews at Gig Salad so it’s hard to go wrong by inviting him to your wedding. He isn’t exactly located in Asheville but in Brighton instead, which is only 70 miles away.

Gina Taree

Gina TareeGina loves to play the guitar so get ready for that. One of her reviews said that she’s extremely talented and everyone enjoyed her music.

She received 14 positive reviews with an average rating of 5-stars, actually what you want to see when hiring someone.

As the choice of wedding singers is a little bit limited in Asheville alone I had to go a little further and ended up in Charlotte instead but as she is willing to travel up to 200 miles that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

PJ Brunson

I am a little bit surprised by the number of female singers so I wanted to throw in another man but had to do some digging to get there.

He is a singing guitarist and describes himself as a singer for the masses which makes it ideal for a wedding of course. Priced at only $150 you could decide to invite multiple artists to give your wedding a little more color.

Perhaps they could even sing a duet, with him behind the piano and I’m sure they can produce a party that swings.

Top 5 Wedding Venues in Asheville

We are already nearing the end of this post but saved the best for last.

No wedding is complete without a location that everyone adores so without further ado here are some of the best wedding locations you can only dream of, and you are lucky that you are in Asheville as they have an abundance of such locations.

The Biltmore Estate

This one is famous in each of the 51 states of America and has been featured in publications like the Huffington Post, Forbes, Lifestyle Magazine, and many others so it’s only natural to start the list with this obvious but unique location.

If you’re on a budget you might want to skip this one as excellence and cheap don’t match that well. Biltmore is the largest private home in America but you probably already knew that, if not now you know!

You can choose from nine different locations each with its own unique twist, I’m not going to list them all but their champagne cellar must be on your to-do list, and so is their conservatory.

Each package comes with day-passes for all your guest so that they can enjoy all the wonders they have to offer after the ceremony.

Yesterday Spaces

Yesterday SpacesIf your budget is a little tighter this makes for an excellent alternative.

For a rustic barn style of wedding, this is definitely the place to be. Being surrounded by mountains and idyllic features everywhere you look provides for an adorable photo shoot so make sure you don’t forget to invite your preferred wedding photographer.

The best part about hiring a wedding photographer in Asheville is that they already know the best spots so that your valuable time doesn’t get wasted. Especially if you don’t have ten thousands of dollars to throw at it you can negotiate a more affordable package of say three hours and get the most out of your money.

Junebug Retro Resort

Junebug Retro ResortExcellent choice if you have guests from outside the area as they can stay there over-night.

They will set up a large tent so that no matter what the weather conditions are you will be high and dry.

There are a whole bunch of vintage trailers for the night which makes for a unique experience on its own.

Asheville Art Museum

Asheville Art MuseumA great place to have a luxury reception, not so much a place to throw a big party so make sure you set your goals before deciding on this choice.

As we speak they are renovating but in 2019 they will welcome you with open arms. It would definitely not be my favorite choice in Asheville but hey, maybe you want something different than most? If so be my guest. I’m sure they won’t disappoint you.

I don’t think it’s very suitable for large groups though, and it sounds kind of boring for young couples so do your own due diligence.

Botanical Gardens of Asheville

Botanical Gardens of AshevilleLast but definitely not least for well-cared for garden lovers.

I’m going to quote them as I’m running out of words myself to describe them: “a lovely outdoor venue with a precious gazebo”, I literally couldn’t have said it better than that.

Their visitor center provides space for up to sixty people only so please bear that in mind. It’s located right next to Mullen Parks’ Reed Creek so if you’re from Asheville or nearby it should be easy to find for you and all your guests.

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